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An Entire IT Staff for The Price of a Single Employee!

How Your Business Can Afford an Entire IT Staff for Less Than The Cost of a Single Employee!

Everyone needs IT help, if even a little bit. Learn how to get the support you need, at costs that won’t break the bank.

Dear Business Owner:

You know just how important your computer systems are to the success of your business. You rely on them every single day to help you stay competitive in today’s global market. Can you imagine being without your systems for even just a few hours, let alone days?

If your organization has more than a handful of computers you’ve probably realized just how time consuming it can be to manage them. Whether you have a go-to person on-site, or get occasional help from an a outside consultant, you can see that it takes a significant amount of time and resources to handle the day-to-day management of issues, updates, viruses, and other dilemmas that affect your network.

If you are to the point that you realize you need help, or are thinking that there must be a better way to manage and handle your IT needs, then let me show you how the team here at The Computer Center can help you.

For over 30 years The Computer Center has been providing quality IT Solutions for businesses in Rock County and the surrounding area.

As a business-only service provider we are uniquely qualified to handle the issues that affect organizations with 3 to 300 computer systems. We don’t have a retail store and we don’t work on home computers. Our goal is to create the most stable and productive IT environment for your company, reducing your IT costs and making your business more profitable.

Our clients include banks, medical facilities, dental practices, manufacturing concerns, and attorneys. We have experience with FDIC and WIPFLI IT audits. We understand the very specific needs of small to medium sized businesses and can meet your needs as well.

Our Right Sized Team Puts an Entire IT Department at Your Disposal

The Computer Center employs an entire IT staff. Our team-driven business structure gives you access to over 50 years of combined IT experience with a variety of skills and experiences to draw upon, while still giving you the personalized attention that you deserve.

Dedicated Help Desk

Our unique Help Desk is a single point of contact that handles your service requests quickly and efficiently. It is monitored and dispatched constantly for rapid problem resolution. It not only keeps track of your service requests but allows us to communicate with you during the resolution process.

While others in our area claim to offer a dedicated help desk, ours is the real deal. Our local call center, staffed by our own employees, includes a dispatcher and staff whose sole purpose is to work on incoming tickets that day. Unlike other companies we don’t just staff our help desk when it’s convenient, and we don’t pull that staff away to work on other projects or go on-site for installations. The Help Desk is their job, which means that we close more tickets, quicker than our competition.

Extra Benefits – FREE to Our Clients

We consider you more than a client. We are partners. As a partner you will also receive free services such as:

  • TCC Tuesday Tidbits – our weekly email packed with tips and tricks to make the most of your computers
  • Training videos
  • Access to our clients-only resources website
  • Invitations to our special training and technology events

Awesome Service – Guaranteed

Our commitment is to provide quality, affordable IT solutions to make your business run smoother and more efficiently. However, when things go wrong or unforeseen problems occur, we work with you to create a plan that will satisfactorily resolve the problem. We do not consider the job done until you are satisfied.

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