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Three Big Problems Small Business Owners Have When Outsourcing Their IT Support and Computer Repair…

And How The Computer Center Solves Them All

James Pearson, President The Computer Center

James Pearson, President

From the Desk of: James Pearson
President, The Computer Center
Dear Small Business Owner:

If you are a business owner or office manager who is plagued with ongoing computer problems but doesn’t know who you can trust to fix them fast, fix them right, and make everything just WORK the way it’s supposed to, I have the solution you have been looking for.

My name is James Pearson, President of The Computer Center. What makes us unique is that we’ve figured out a way to help small businesses, just like yours, achieve their profit goals, stabilize their networks once and for all, and stop them from getting nickeled-and-dimed to death by IT consultants that don’t return phone calls, can’t show up on time, and can’t get things fixed right the first time.Although this isn’t a breakthrough concept, I’m amazed at how many IT firms don’t get this right. In fact, our research has shown that most business owners like you have 3 incredibly frustrating problems when dealing with computer support and repair companies. See if you agree…

Problem #1: They Never Quite Get Everything Working, So Problems Constantly Arise.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself; you hire a so-called computer expert to support your network, only to discover every time they “solve” a problem, two more crop up. Or the problem they were supposed to have solved keeps coming back again and again. Then, to add insult to injury, they don’t check their work, they keep charging you to come back and repair the same issues, or they blame your ISP/software/hardware or some other external reason and tell you that it CAN’T be fixed.

Problem #2: Nickeled and Dimed to Death.

There comes a point that you hate to even pick up the phone to call your IT guy because every time he comes out, you get a bill. What’s worse, is you never seem to be able to budget for anything because you’re constantly replacing this part, repairing that part, and paying for him to work on the same things over and over again.

Problem #3: Lack of Response.

When your computer or network goes down or is experiencing a problem, it brings your entire company to a screeching halt; and with the fast pace of business today, you can’t afford to be waiting around for your IT guy to call you back or show up to fix your problems. Our stance on this is that you shouldn’t have to wait; but MORE importantly, your IT guy should be PREVENTING these problems from cropping up in the first place.

Enough is enough! If you’re like our clients, you just want the darn thing to work the way it’s supposed to – problem is, choosing the RIGHT consultant can be difficult and confusing, which is why we’d like to send you a copy of our FREE Business Advisory Guide titled, “What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring an Honest, Competent, Responsive, And Fairly Priced Computer Consultant.” This free guide will arm you with 21 revealing questions you should ask any computer consultant before giving them access to your company’s network, as well as:

  • The “dirty little secret” of the computer repair industry that most people don’t know and will NEVER be told by their current IT guy. (Knowing this alone could save you from wasting tons of money and untold aggravation when outsourcing your computer support.)
  • How to spot an unethical or grossly incompetent computer repair/support technician in minutes.
  • 4 costly misconceptions business owners have about computer maintenance and repair; one you will need to know BEFORE you pick up the phone.
  • The BEST way to protect your computer network from viruses, spyware, hackers, downtime, slowness, crashes, data loss and other expensive, devastating computer problems.
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a computer consultant.

Even if you aren’t ready to outsource your IT support, or make a change from who you are using now, this report will give you the right information and questions to ask when the time comes. And if you have a sneaking suspicion that your current IT person is not delivering the level of service and support you need, it will quickly help you determine if your suspicions are correct – AND what you can do about it.

Dedicated to serving you,
James Pearson, President

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P.S. I’ve also included in this free report information on how you can get a Free Network Audits. Each audit is valued at up to $2,8000.00, so I can only give away a limited number of these. Get a copy of the free report today, before I remove this offer for good.

21 Questions You Should Ask Any Computer Consultant

Learn the things that every business owner MUST know about hiring an honest, competent, responsive, and fairly priced computer consultant -- before giving them access to your company's network!


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