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Career OpportunitiesThe I.T. industry continues to grow!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for qualified employees in computer-related fields will have the eighth largest increase in employment across all industries.  Further, the growing displacement of workers with computers, and computer operators, means that companies like The Computer Center, that service and support small businesses, will always have a need for skilled engineers.

The Computer Center provides a small, close knit working environment with significant flexibility. This flexibility, combined with health insurance, retirement benefits, and generous paid time off, make us a great place to work.

Further, because we deal with a variety of small businesses, our Solutions Engineers and Resolution Specialists get the opportunity to experience a wider range of technical challenges than are often possible with larger institutions in our area.  For example, our Help Desk takes  calls and handles issue that include Microsoft Office support, end-user computer issues, hardware repairs, router configuration and support, Exchange Server and mail flow problems, Windows Server maintenance, user creation, and more.

As a small company, you get the opportunity to truly stretch your skills and knowledge, and advance your abilities with hands-on experience. Unlike larger organizations and corporate settings, our Specialists won’t have to escalate an issue based on an arbitrary job title. If you’re looking for the chance to experience the widest range of growth, without being “boxed in,” then this is the place.

Our opportunities are not limited to those with technical backgrounds! Our philosophy is that we are a customer service company, that happens to provide IT support.

In addition to technical staff, we also need great people with friendly personalities and a customer-service mentality to fulfill a variety of other roles. These roles include support staff or dispatching, shipping and receiving, sales and administrative assistance, inside and outside sales staff, and advertising and marketing. Don’t let a lack of technical expertise stop you from looking to us for a career opportunity!

Current Opportunities

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