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Events from Email – New Office 365 Feature (and How to Disable It)

Microsoft recently rolled out “Events from Email”, a feature that works with Outlook to automatically add events to your calendar, based on emails you received.  This has some real benefits, such as adding hotel reservations, flight details, and more.  Google’s Gmail has had this feature for quite a while now.  However, if you don’t want this feature, it is possible to turn it off!  Click here for an article on how to disable it.

OneDrive For Business – Taking Your Business to The Cloud

OneDrive for Business, part of Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite, is one of the first steps to moving your company to the Cloud.   Each user in your organization gets a whole Terabyte (TB) of storage space in OneDrive.  In most small businesses, this is enough to hold all your “My Documents” files and the files you currently store on your server.  Not only does moving your files to OneDrive take you one step closer to reducing the need for an in-house server, but it may also reduce your backup costs.

However, the real strength in moving your organization to Office 365, and OneDrive for Business, is that it opens up a whole new way to work, collaborate, and share files with your fellow employees, and the outside world.  Not only can you now collaborate on a document in real time, simultaneously, but you can securely share files with people outside of your organization.  Further, you can now share files that might otherwise be too large to email, by simply sending a link to the recipient.

If you haven’t had a chance to look into the powerful features of OneDrive, take a few minutes to get acquainted.

Click here for more about OneDrive