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We eliminate the pain and frustration of technology, so you can focus on what you do best, serving your customers.

Why choose The Computer Center?
With our Comprehensive Care Services and Pre-Paid Discount IT Support, using technology, we will guide your company on the journey to becoming more Productive, Profitable and Improve Your Operations in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Quality Hardware & Solutions

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is one we live by. We take your network, your security, and your uptime very seriously and only sell quality hardware backed by quality vendors.

Longevity & Stability

We’ve been in business since 1983. We aren’t going anywhere. We’ve proven we can weather recessions, industry changes and more. We are a partner you can rely on, now and for the future.

Layers of Security

Your data, especially in this age of identity theft and hackers, is one of your most valuable business assets. That’s why we preach, even for small clients, installing several layers of protection against these threats.

We're a Team, Not a Guy

Our staff has a variety of specialties and experiences, allowing us to solve a wide variety of problems. We have more people on staff to provide help when you need it, even when working with multiple clients.

A Truly Flat Fee

Our Comprehensive Care plan is truly flat-fee. Unlike our competitors, our solution doesn’t have hidden fees, extras and surprise charges. Hardware, software, service, support, it’s all covered!

We Don't 'Set it & Forget It'

Our staff, real humans in our office, monitor your systems. We don’t install a piece of software and rely on it to do everything right. If you do experience issues, we offer a dedicated help desk.



How to Ghost the Bad Guys and Protect Your Privacy CLE Approved Course

Worried about online privacy? Unsure how your info is used? Join our online webinar: “How to Ghost the Bad Guys & Protect Your Privacy”! Learn how your online data can be used against you.

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I really needed to be up and running yesterday to get jobs done. You tried to resolve my issue over the phone but when that couldn’t be done, you were at my shop in five minutes and had me up in an hour. I know that type of service isn’t always possible but the fact that you could and did says a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The team at The Computer Center is fantastic! They are always fast and efficient in handling all of our request and issues that we have had. They also do not mind putting in the time to show us how to do things properly in the future. When it comes to the computers in the office, it makes me feel good that I know we can count on them.