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One fixed, affordable rate for ALL the IT support you need

Are You Being Nickled-and-Dimed to Death by Your Current IT Provider?

Nickled and Dimed by Your Current IT Provider?If you’re like most of the small businesses we work with, there comes a point where you just want the darn things to work!  And yet, every time you turn around it seems like there’s another unexpected repair bill. Or, worse yet, you keep getting billed for the same things over and over again, and yet nothing ever seems to get fixed.

This is one of the 3 biggest problems that small businesses complain about, and we’ve figured out how to solve it!

Unlike other IT companies in our industry, our unique process allows us to provide you with a true flat-fee service.

One fixed, affordable rate for ALL the IT support you need

Say goodbye to surprise repair bills or unexpected IT expenses. Under this plan you’ll get all the computer support, maintenance and repair you need for one fixed, monthly rate that you can budget for like rent, insurance and other fixed costs. No hidden fees, small print, or disclaimers.

Hardware, software, and parts are included

Once you become a Comprehensive Care client you can truly rest easy at night.  We really do have you covered. We cover existing hardware, any new hardware we upgrade as part of the stabilization process, and we even cover parts. Further, we will include the core software you are going to need such as Office, antivirus, web content filtering, spam protection and more. It’s all included.

You’ll avoid expensive on-site fees while receiving faster support

We’ll be able to repair most of your computer problems right from our offices via a remote, highly secure connection. However, when we do need to come onsite, don’t worry, it’s covered too! No more on-site visit fees. Unlike other companies that provide flat-fee IT services that only cover remote support, and then charge you extra for the on-site visit, we cover remote, on-site and even after-hours remote work!

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