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IT Consulting is more than repair and maintenance

IT ConsultingFace it, just about anybody (heck, most high school kids) can fix a computer, and install software. For us, that’s just taken for granted. Where The Computer Center really stands out is our focus on leveraging your IT to make your business more profitable. Yes, a well configured and maintained Network, when done properly, can actually add thousands to your company’s bottom line. Of course, this means that we need to be more than “computer technicians.”

Our proprietary process, driven by our Business and Technology Assessment, helps us ask the right questions to truly understand your business so we can consult with you at a much different level than the “computer guy” down the street. With an understanding of how your business runs, we can consult with you about how to implement the most cost effective, and profitable, IT infrastructure for your company.

This process all starts with our Business and Technology Assessment (BTA). This in-depth analysis of your current network’s state, and business processes, is the key to our success in helping clients just like you run smoother, and with less downtime and headaches than ever before.

Interested in how to have us perform a no-obligation BTA with you? Learn more here.

Is Your Firm and Client Data at Risk?

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Receive 2 FREE hours of IT support OR a Business Technology Assessment

Get answers to key questions such as: Are your IT systems truly secured from hackers, cyber criminals, viruses, worms, and even sabotage from rogue employees? Are your backups configured properly? Are you unknowingly exposing your company to extensive fines and litigation under Wisconsin data breach laws? Could you utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud computing technologies? And, are your systems optimized for maximum speed and performance?