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3 Critical Steps to Zero Trust Security That You Must Take Now!

Small business owners: Don’t let cybersecurity threats destroy your success – 3 critical steps to zero trust security that you must take now! Worried about the increasing threat of cyberattacks? With the rise of sophisticated cyberattacks, a simple lapse in your network security could have catastrophic consequences for your small business or law firm. Fortunately, Zero Trust is a powerful cybersecurity framework that can protect your business.

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity framework that operates under the principle of never automatically trusting any user or application. This approach obliges organizations to verify every access while regarding each user or application as a potential threat. Zero Trust is an ideal way to build strong cybersecurity and can adjust to the intricacies of the modern work environment, such as a hybrid workplace.

Let’s look at the three core principles of Zero Trust and share some tips on how to implement them:

Continually Verify

Adopt a security approach based on “never trust, always verify” by continuously validating the identity and access rights of users, devices, and applications. You can also use strong identity and access controls to set specific roles and privileges, ensuring only authorized users can access relevant information.

Limit Access

Limiting access is crucial to prevent cyberattacks, as misuse of privileged access is a common cause. Minimizing user access without disrupting daily activities can protect your business. Adopting security practices such as Just-in-time access (JIT), the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP), and segmented application access (SAA) are common ways businesses limit access.

Assume a Breach and Minimize the Impact

Take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity instead of waiting for a security breach to occur. Assume the risk by treating your applications, services, identities, and internal and external networks as already compromised. This approach will help you improve your response time to a breach, contain the damage, and safeguard your business’s security.

    Implementing Zero Trust is a powerful way to safeguard your small business or law firm from cyber threats. To learn more about Zero Trust, check out our Zero Trust resource page here: https://info.computer-center.com/zerotrustrersources.

    On our Zero Trust resource page, you’ll find valuable resources like guidance on assessing readiness, planning, and implementing Zero Trust, along with essential controls and best practices. Protect your business today – visit our Zero Trust resource page and implement Zero Trust cybersecurity. 

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