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As the holiday’s approach we spend time reflecting on the past year. Today I want to share two articles about Christmas-related malware (viruses). First, an interesting look at Christmas Past: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2010/12/15/christmas-malware-short-history/

Next a look at the malware of Christmas (relatively) Present:

So, what does the malware of Christmas Future hold? Here are a couple of suggestions to protect yourself.

Make sure that your computer patches are up-to-date! This is the first line of defense against malware and hackers that take advantage of security holes in Windows and other software such as Adobe Acrobat, Office, and web browsers.

Is your antivirus truly on and functioning? The first thing malware attempts is to disable your antivirus software. If you’re not checking and monitoring it (or having someone like us do it for you), you may be exposed without even knowing it.

Beware your inbox! So many scams, especially this time of year, focus on getting you to give up your personal infomration. Emails with attachments claiming to be invoices, billing statements, or shipping labels should be regarded as suspicious.

If you’re unsure about your network’s security, we can perform an in-depth analysis for you. Contact our offices for more details about our Business and Technology Assessments.