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Most business owners believe their current, potentially outdated, cyber security measures will keep their data safe. But, in the contemporary age where digital information is as precious as gold, cybercriminals are working around the clock to penetrate even the most robust security solutions. You can bet they’ve already created a workaround for your current antivirus. What was good enough before may not be good enough today. After all, it’s simply impossible that a security solution from even two years back could be equipped to defend your precious data from a cutting-edge hacking technology that didn’t even exist when it was created.

Cybercriminals use automated systems, called botnets, to do their work for them.  This allows them to infect millions of organizations each year.   Recently, a study by cybersecurity company Check Point Software, stated that this tactic could supersede the effects of previous attacks which took down major websites and a part of the Internet’s backbone.  Qihoo 360, another cybersecurity firm, stated that one botnet is infecting 10,000 devices a day.

With this kind of effort, it’s not only a challenge to keep your network protected, but it’s laughable to think that your company may never fall victim to identity theft, viruses, or some other cyber-attack.

Today, companies that fail to stay abreast of the latest cyber security trends — clinging foolishly to their own “set it and forget it” hardware and software — are certain to pay the price down the line. Once the lock is picked, you need a new lock, and criminals are cracking new locks each and every day.

Luckily, as your IT provider, we’re cyber security experts, and we constantly seek the latest and most robust security solutions. Don’t leave your company’s security up to a false sense of confidence. Always be looking at options to upgrade your digital security and make it a sure thing.  For example, when we learned about the KRACK vulnerability, we sprang into action contacting our clients, and installing patches and replacing hardware when needed.

I’ve recently finished a new report titled “The 7 Most Critical IT Security Protections Every Business Must Have In Place Now To Protect Themselves From Cybercrime, Data Breaches and Hacker Attacks” which I invite you to take a moment to read.  You can get a copy by clicking here.