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How many of the 6 layers of security does your small business have in place?   Are you 100% certain that your employees aren’t compromising your business, and clients’ personal information by falling prey to the ever-increasingly sophisticated identity theft scammers?  Are you positive that a piece of Ransomware could never infect your business, encrypting your files and holding your company hostage?

Small businesses, just like yours, are considered easy targets and low hanging fruit to the cyber criminals.   They know that most of you don’t have the knowledge or resources to properly protect yourself from their attacks.  These criminals use automated systems and software to cast huge nets, hoping to snag a few unprepared organizations and profit from their lack of protection.  This is part of the reason Spam continues.  Spammers send out millions of emails, because it’s cheap and easy.  If they have even a fraction of a percent of success, it makes their endeavor profitable.

Unfortunately, when we are called in to perform one of our Business and Technology Assessments for a new client, we find huge, gaping holes in their network’s security.  The horrible part about this is that these holes can be quickly plugged with the help of an IT company.

Let me give you a quick example from something we see repeatedly.  We regularly find that whoever installed the router (the box that connects you to the Internet, and controls traffic in (and out) of your network, has never been properly configured.  In most cases we find that the manufacturer’s default administrative username and password has never been changed, leaving the business completely open and exposed to any hacker (using automated tools to find you) with even a tiny bit of expertise.  Just to drive this point home, these usernames and passwords are readily available on the Internet simply by doing a quick search.  In 2 minutes, I can have access to your servers, company data, and more, with minimal effort.

Small business security doesn’t have to be costly, nor complex.  But it does take someone that knows what they are doing to come in and implement it.

The Computer Center uses a Layers of Security approach to protecting your business.  We’ve identified 6 core layers that every small business should have in place.   You can find out more about protecting your small business in this free report.