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Find yourself printing to the wrong printer or always having to change it to the one you always use? Many offices today have several printers to select from, but use one for a majority of the printing. If you find yourself in this common situation you can simply select a default printer in Windows. With a few easy steps you can setup your computer to print to your default printer one time and not each time you print. Below I will show you how.
First click your start button, and click on Devices and Printers. You will see a window much like the one below.

Notice the green check mark above on a printer; this is your current default printer that all print jobs will go to. If that is not the one you want to be your default printer right click on the one you wish to be your default and a menu will come up. Select “Set as default printer.” You should notice the green check mark changes to the default printer you selected. Happy printing. This should save you some steps in the future.

by Eric Arrowood, Help Desk/Network Engineer