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Microsoft Office 365 Backup

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner We Can Help You Avoid Costly Downtimes and Data Loss

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Beloit, WI

If you’re using, or considering using, Microsoft Office 365 for your Beloit business, it’s vital that you understand that you (not Microsoft) are responsible for backing up your data! This often overlooked fact can mean a loss of data, whether from external factors such as virus infections, or accidental deletion. Also, as the owner of your corporate data, it’s important to protect your data from deletion by a disgruntled employee.

Microsoft is very clear that its responsibility is solely for providing you access to your data, but not protecting it and backing it up. Further, there are limitations as to Microsoft’s retention of your data. This is why having a secure, third-party backup solution is vitally important to protecting your company’s data, even when it’s in Microsoft’s Cloud.

Let our free, no-obligation Microsoft Office 365 Backup Assessment help you make an informed decision about whether this service is right for you and your business. As a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner we can help you avoid costly downtimes and data loss.

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