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No matter the size of the law practice, being productive is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and keeping clients satisfied. This article discusses five applications included with Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Premium subscriptions explicitly designed to help increase users’ productivity.

As with all of the apps in Microsoft’s ecosystem, they work very well together. The key to making the most out of the tools is their integration with Microsoft Outlook. While it is possible to use these applications if your email is hosted someplace other than Microsoft Exchange Online, the services won’t be the same. For this article, I assume readers have a subscription that includes these services and use Microsoft for email. The company’s website shows a breakdown of what Microsoft includes with its 365 Business plans.

1. Microsoft Bookings: Schedule Meetings Efficiently

One of the biggest timewasters is a phone and email tag. If you’ve ever faced the seemingly never-ending back and forth of trying to schedule a meeting with someone, then you know how frustrating this process can be. If you’re in a solo practice or small firm, accomplishing this task might depend on your attention to emails or doing the follow-up yourself, taking time away from essential or more pressing duties.

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