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VoIP Telephone Solutions & Support

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VoIP Telephone Solutions & Support

Attention small businesses. If you have a TDS Managed IP or another “old school” phone system, then we may be able to save you as much as 50% off your current phone and Internet bills!

TDS announced that it is no longer providing the TDS managed IP phone service in many areas. That means that you may not be able to add additional services and features when you need them.

VoIP (Voice over IP) phone solutions allow you to leverage the Internet to break free of your current phone carrier and add extra features never before available.

But beware! Not all VoIP solutions are the same! And, more importantly, not all providers are the same! Purchasing your VoIP solution over the Internet, or by a company that does NOT specialize in business-grade networks.

For example, we recently dealt with a small business that had purchased a VoIP solution from one of our competitors. Unfortunately, according to the business owners that hired us to resolve their issues, the phone solution had never worked properly since it was installed. While that company had spent considerable time “troubleshooting” the issue, the business still suffered from incomplete incoming and dropped calls, and poor call quality. These issues had continued for nearly a year!

After performing one of our deep-dive Technology Assessment we were able to resolve the issue. Our knowledge of not only the VoIP phone solutions but, more importantly, how to troubleshoot network issues, allowed us to resolve their quality and call problems!

For another client we were able to cut their phone and Internet bill by over 50% with a VoIP solution.

As a former TDS Managed IP phone system user ourselves, we implemented our VoIP solution in our own offices and have achieved a 50% savings in our phone and Internet bills, while adding a variety of features and flexibility that we didn’t have before.

If you’re interested in learning whether a VoIP phone solution is best for your business, request a free VoIP and Network Assessment.

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