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Covid-19 and Working Remotely
A How-To Technology Resource

Welcome to The Computer Center’s Covid-19 resource center for small businesses. Our focus is to provide you with the information you need to keep your business running, collaborate with your team, meet with customers, and make the best of the current situation by leveraging technology. Visit www.computer-center.com/covid19/ for access to more helpful information.

Secure Login

 IT Security Tip #26: Some Basic Steps All Employees Should be Doing

Connecting to secure VPNs, locking devices when not in use, reporting suspicious emails ­– these are just a handful of security protocols your employees should be adopting in the workplace. You may think following security procedures like these is basic common sense, many employees unfortunately fail to follow the simplest of protocols, either purposefully or unwittingly

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Microsoft Tips for Windows

Create Forms in Microsoft Word

Word has a whole collection of templates for fillable forms. To access these templates, start with a new document, but search for “form” in the template box

Microsoft Forms In Word

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

Launch Your Programs With Shortcut Keys

If you’ve pinned programs to your taskbar, you can quickly launch them by clicking the Windows Key + a number.  The numbers indicate the applications as they are listed, left to right, on the taskbar.


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