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Are you having a problem that is hard to explain or describe when you call The Computer Center Help Desk? Are you having trouble remembering how to do a certain process you need to perform more than once? Are you trying to help show someone how to do something? There is a simple way for you to make a slide show of what you are trying to do, whether it is trying to describe a problem or just to record how to do a certain process.

Starting with Windows 7 there is a built in program called Problem Step Recorder. This program tracks your mouse and keyboard input and takes a screen shot with every action.

To run this program click on the Start button, type “psr.exe” in the Search Box, and press the Enter key. When you click on Start Record it begins tracking your actions. You can even add notes to better describe what you are doing. Clicking Stop Record saves your steps as an HTML slide show. The file is initially compressed as a ZIP file, making it easy to email to others (like the Help Desk). However, if you unzip the file (right-click and choose Extract All) you can view the slide show.

Karen Herring - Help Desk / Network Engineer

Karen Herring
Help Desk/Network Engineer