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3 Ways to Reduce Cyberattacks Affecting Your Business

We expect a rise in cyberattacks during this pandemic because of the dramatic increase in employees working from home. Far too many employers won’t think about security as their team starts working at the kitchen table. That’s a dangerous precedent. Here are 3 ways to reduce cyberattacks affecting your business.

First, make sure your employees are not using their home computers or devices when working. Many times employees will think that it’s no big deal to use their personal devices while working from home but if they don’t have the necessary protections in place, they could open the doors to sensitive business data if their personal computers get hacked.

Second, ensure your work-at-home computers have a firewall that’s turned on. Not doing so will increase your risk ten fold! Don’t lay out the welcome mat and get that firewall up and running.

Finally, your network and data are not truly secure unless your employees utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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