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Losing data is a serious issue for any business. It takes time, money, and other resources to fix, which can also be quite stressful when you have more pressing matters on your plate. Sleep easy with a Cloud-Based Backup.

What is the most common cause of data loss? Human error – simple as that. Data loss is devastating. But you can protect yourself from its effects by regularly backing up your data and creating a backup plan now, or else risk putting the organization at risk!

Cloud-Based Backup Cost Savings

Cloud-Based Backup is the most cost-efficient backup option rather than constructing and caring for an in-house backup system. Cloud backup services are paid for typically through a subscription, per month or year, for a set storage amount. This costs much less than building and using your physical backups stored on-site.

Cloud backup is usually pay-as-you-go, meaning you only ever spend money on the storage that you use. More often than not, signing up for longer contracts will get discounts on cloud backup services.

Scale With Your Needs

As companies increase in size, the amount of data needing to be saved also increases. With a regular on-site backup solution, this can turn into a major issue. You’d need to either buy and install extra hardware or delete existing data you want to keep to make space for new information files.

A cloud backup solution makes it easy to add storage as needed, so you can always use more space for your backups.

Recover From Ransomware Attacks Quicker

As ransomware attacks continue to rise, many businesses are looking for ways to improve their security. One area that has come under scrutiny is data backup. In some cases, organizations have started moving these types of backups into the cloud because it offers them increased protection against cyber threats like this!

Cloud backups are undeniably more secure than on-premises backups for several reasons. First, cloud backup providers have invested heavily in security measures to protect data, including frequent updates to their system’s defenses against new threats. Additionally, cloud backups are often redundantly stored in multiple locations, making it much harder for attackers who manage to gain access to delete or encrypt all backup copies.

Although cloud backups are more secure, you shouldn’t rely solely on them for your data protection. Your data could still be compromised if the security of the service is breached, so always encrypt your backups and restrict access to authorized personnel only.

Access Your Data From Anywhere

Cloud backup is significantly more convenient than local backup because you can access your data anywhere. This comes in handy for businesses whose employees often work remotely. In addition, remote access to your data can save your business if there is ever a natural disaster or another event that makes your office and data inaccessible.

Cloud-based backups are a more secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to protect your data. They offer businesses the ability to access their data from anywhere and recover quickly from ransomware attacks. Using a cloud backup service lets you rest easy, knowing that your data is safe and sound.

Free Backup and Disaster Recovery Resource Center!

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