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The 4 Most Common Myths About Co-Managed IT

Is your company’s internal IT department stretched thin? If so, consider the many benefits of co-managed IT. Co-managed IT is an increasingly popular option for businesses due to its cost efficiency and access to specialized expertise. But before you jump on board, let’s explore some common myths surrounding this type of service. Here are the four most prevalent misconceptions about co-managed IT – and how understanding them can help you take advantage of this powerful solution!

Myth #1: Adding Another IT Provider Will Increase Costs

Contrary to popular belief, co-managed IT often leads to a more cost-effective solution than relying solely on an internal IT department. By working with an external provider, you can reduce the costs of employee salary and benefits while gaining access to specialized expertise. Plus, some providers offer flexible payment plans that make it easy.

Co-managed IT does NOT have to be expensive! It can even be economical since you can reduce expenses by evenly distributing tasks without compromising quality. In addition, co-managed IT services may be more cost-effective than unexpected downtime costs due to internal IT teams attempting to manage current tasks while putting out daily fires. 

Myth #2: Small Businesses Like Yours Can’t Benefit From Co-Managed IT

It is a common misconception that only big companies can reap the rewards of outsourced IT services. However, businesses of all sizes can gain from investing in co-managed IT solutions. When utilizing such services, providers can tailor their offerings to your business’s specific requirements and objectives. Furthermore, even small ventures aren’t safe from cyberattacks – making more critical than ever the advanced security measures an efficient service provider provides.

Myth #3: Outsourced IT Specialists Aren’t As Committed to My Business Success

Don’t be misled: your outsourced IT service provider is as invested in your business success as any internal team member! With a co-managed model, the IT service provider becomes an extension of your organization. Still, you retain control and can ensure they are aligned with your goals and working to help your business flourish.

Myth #4: My internal IT staff will lose their jobs

Add expertise to your team without replacing any of your resources. Co-managed services bring in extra support to strengthen and supplement what you already have – IT professionals who work with the existing internal staff to achieve common business goals. This collaborative model is key to adding knowledge and expertise, all while keeping internal IT staff intact so they can take advantage of working alongside highly skilled external IT professionals! 

Bonus Myth #5: You Can’t Find Any Good Resources To Help You Decide

We’ve got you covered here as well. Download our Resource Page now and get instant access to our checklist, “How to Choose the Best Co-managed IT Partner for Your Business.” This guide will help you make an informed decision, so you can take advantage of all the benefits co-managed services offer! 

To learn more, we created an infographic titled “How to Achieve Supply Chain Risk Management and Compliance,” which you can download.

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