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Help Desk/Resolution Specialist 

Foot-In-The-Door Help Desk / Resolution Specialist 

If you are an IT fanatic that’s either just starting out and trying to break into the industry, or are unhappy with your current, nowhere-to-grow Help Desk position, then this just may be the career for you.  The position we are looking to fill plays a key role in making our clients happy and requires a great deal of self-directed work. You are ultimately responsible for keeping a portion of each client’s network running smoothly, and letting them know, in non-geek-speak terms, when things fail and what you’re doing to resolve them.  Not only will you have the opportunity to work in a culture and atmosphere that is fun and unique from anywhere else in the area, but you’ll work with a team that shares your passion for computers and other nerdology! Since we are growing fast (6 years of record sales) there’s always room to excel for anyone that has the determination and drive.  Here’s what you can expect to accomplish in your first year as you become a part of our customer-service oriented team: 
  • Within 2 weeks understand our documentation procedures, ticketing system, and general product and service line. Attend several online training courses and successfully pass the tests with an 80% or better score. • Within 30 days have a full understanding of our Network Monitoring and reporting tasks and how those are to be performeddaily. You will also have a solid understanding of all our processes and procedures and our customer support beliefs and values. • On a daily basis review a variety of backup solutions in place at our clients and prepare detailed reports regarding the results of the previous day’s backups. These reviews must be completed by 9 am each morning. Failed backups will require immediate attention and resolution directly with the client. On a weekly and monthly basis review a wide variety of network and security logs for anomalies and translate those into plain language for our clients. Prepare and generate a variety of reports discussing any issues found and send to our clients. • Within 6 months you will begin to take on more help desk responsibilities such as PC and server preparation, fielding Help Desk calls, liaising with clients to provide the highest quality of service and support possible. 
What we honestly need is someone with a customer service background, that also happens to love and understand technology. If you can troubleshoot network issues, and have some sort of certification, degree or work experience that can back up your knowledge, that would be a plus. We are looking for a special, unique kind of geek that is just as comfortable with people as technology. If you are outgoing, don’t mind talking on the phone, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, then we need to talk.  In addition to all the great stuff above, we have a competitive compensation and benefits package as well. However, none of that will matter unless the above makes good career sense for you.  This position starts as an entry-level, part-time position and is truly a foot-in-the-door. What happens after that depends on your ability to work with our team and your personal motivation.  Lastly, our ideal candidates live within 30 miles of Janesville. We’ve found that anything further usually doesn’t make sense. 

Desired Skills & Experience 

If you can accomplish everything above, and are looking for a career with plenty of room to grow, then you have what it takes to be successful with us. A customer service background and strong writing and speaking skills are also are also really important. Of course, you’ll need some sort of degree or equivalent work experience in the IT field.  Sound interesting? Looking for a real challenge and a career change? Then we should definitely talk!