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Unprecedented Data Leak

In a shocking revelation, Social Links’ Brooke Kato reports on what experts are dubbing the “Mother of All Breaches.” The data leak, one of the largest to date, has exposed a staggering 26 billion records from major platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Venmo, Adobe, and the former Twitter (now X). Cybernews, the first to discover the breach, warns that the compromised data extends beyond login credentials, containing sensitive information that could be exploited by malicious actors for various cybercrimes.

Beyond Login Credentials

The dataset, totaling 12 terabytes and resembling a meticulous compilation of multiple breaches (COMB), has not introduced newly stolen data. However, its vast scope raises concerns about potential identity theft, sophisticated phishing schemes, targeted cyberattacks, and unauthorized access to personal accounts. Mantas Sasnauskas, Cybernews’ head of security research, suggests that the majority of the population may have been affected.

Global Impact

While the owner of the exposed data remains unidentified, the Cybernews team speculates that it could be a data broker, malicious cybercriminal, or an individual with access to significant data volumes. The Chinese instant messaging platform Tencent suffered the most significant data exposure, with 1.4 billion compromised records. Other major platforms affected include Weibo, MySpace, Twitter, Deezer, LinkedIn, Adobe, Telegram, Dropbox, and various government organizations worldwide.

The Largest Data Leak

Cybernews has created a searchable list for users to check potentially compromised sites and offers a personal data leak checker for email addresses and phone numbers. The scale of this breach is deemed “unprecedented,” overshadowing past breaches in terms of data volume. Previous records, such as the 3.2 billion exposed in November, are dwarfed by the magnitude of the Mother of All Breaches.

Check Your Data Leak Exposure

Experts emphasize the need for immediate action, urging users to change passwords promptly, stay vigilant against phishing emails, and enable two-factor authentication. With cybercriminals capable of leveraging limited information for devastating attacks, Eset’s global cybersecurity advisory Jake Moore stresses the importance of proactive measures and timely security updates to prevent data compromise. For more details, readers can explore the full article by Brooke Kato.

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