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Identifying Risks: Stalkers and Harassing Ex-partners

In a recent Q&A session, a question was raised regarding the potential risks posed by individuals such as stalkers and harassing ex-partners who exploit personal information. The concern focused on how they access and use this information, as well as strategies to prove and thwart their actions.

Challenges in Accessing Information

One of our solutions engineers came across a relevant UK action plan but couldn’t find a US version. The gravity of the situation, given the intimate knowledge these individuals often have, necessitates proactive measures from victims.

Proactive Measures: UK Action Plan

Securing oneself involves not only protecting online privacy but also countering various physical and social means these individuals use to establish contact. This includes monitoring devices, web browser privacy, message interception, social media exploitation, GPS tracking, and access to public records.

Navigating Physical and Social Means

Navigating this complex landscape often requires expert guidance. Valuable resources such as hotlines, cyberstalking action plans, survivors’ toolkits, and risk assessment services can provide crucial support and strategies.

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