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Passwordless Revolution

There is a passwordless revolution brewing across the tech industry. Tech giants like Google, LastPass, Apple, and Microsoft are committing to developing passwordless authentication options. “With over 15 billion stolen passwords on the dark web and 97% of senior security executives reporting an increase in credential theft last year,” it’s time for something new that does a better job of protecting sensitive information.

The process has been simplified to using the mobile phone as the main authentication device. One will never need to remember a password is “made possible through the use of a unique cryptographic token called a passkey that is shared between the phone and the website.” This will help avoid password duplicity in more than one place.

Passwords are a pain and are faulty if the people that use don’t change them regularly or duplicate passwords across multiple channels. “The death of the password may be one of the best things that has ever happened to us.”

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