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Protect Your Business from Software Vulnerability Threats and Security Risks

Software companies, including Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, and Symantec are constantly releasing security patches and updates. You’ve probably heard of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month when important fixes and patches to Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft products are released. Microsoft, and all other major software companies, are constantly releasing important security patches and bug fixes that close holes in their software that can be exploited by malware, hackers, and identity thieves!

If ALL your computers are not completely patched and up-to-date, then you’ve left the hackers an open door to your network.

If you have even a handful of computers on your network, then keeping up with all the patches, and making sure they are properly installed can be a full-­time job. It’s not enough just to turn on “automatic updates” and forget about it, thinking that the updates are all going to be installed properly. The truth is, not all updates should be installed.

Not only has Microsoft (and others) been known to release faulty updates that crash computers and cause more problem than they fix, but if an update is incompatible with your software or network it can bring your company to a grinding halt. To complicate things even more, patches don’t always get installed properly, and you may not even know about it, leaving you to believe you are protected when you really aren’t.

The Computer Center’s Patch Management Service takes all the guesswork, time, and frustration out of managing the patches on your computers so you can focus on more important things, like running a profitable business.


Our Patch Management Service gives you:

  • Constant Microsoft and Third­-Party patch management. We make sure your Microsoft products and common software like Java, Firefox and Chrome, .NET, and Adobe Products, are patched and up­to­date.
  • Knowledgeable patch approvals. Our experienced engineers decide which patches get rolled out to your computers, based on a small test of the patch before it’s released to your network.
  • Advanced patch management and monitoring software. Our software goes beyond the basic abilities of automatic updates by allowing us to centrally manage, approve, and deploy patches for your network.
  • Failed patch resolution. Not every patch installs properly. We monitor your patches and, when they fail, we manually install them.
  • Freedom to manage your business, not computer updates. You’ll rest easier knowing you’re machines are up-­to­-date.