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Security Scare

Last Night I Startled Out of Bed in a Cold Sweat

Heart racing, with fear racing through my mind…and YOU were the reason for my panic! Security scare! Was I having a nightmare? Was I just watching too many reruns of The Twilight Zone? Maybe taking the Halloween spirit too far? No – it simply occurred to me that you might not have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in place!

And if your server data was erased, corrupted or destroyed because of a hardware malfunction, system crash, fire, flood or some other random, unforeseen disaster, you might not be able to be back up and running again FAST!

The Thought of That Happening Scare me Half to Death!

And quite honestly, it should scare you too! Security scare is real – just imagine what would happen if your server went down and you…

…Lost all accounting documentation and history… …Lost all the work files you’ve spent YEARS developing… …Lost the work files and documentation you desperately need to service your customers… …Lost all the e-mails you’ve saved and couldn’t access your in-box…

Can you even put a price tag on it? Probably not, yet so many business owners aren’t 100% certain they could be back up and running after a disaster or are purely hoping their current backup system is working and storing a usable copy of their data.

Want to know for sure if your data is safe? Our FREE Business and Technology Assessment will reveal the truth…stop security scare today!

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