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I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

IT Security Tip #4: If This Type of Alert Pops up, DON’T Click on it!

You’re working at your computer when all of the sudden – BAM! – you get a pop-up notification that your PC is infectred with a virus and you must “click here” to run a scan or install antivirus software. This is a common scareware tactic used by hackers to get you to click and download a virus. (You should know we would NEVER deliver that type of pop-up to you!)

Often it will appear to be a system alert or a Microsoft operating system alert. Regardless of how legitimate it looks, NEVER click on the site or the pop-up. The safest thing to do is close your browser; do not click on the X, “Close” or “Cancel” button in the pop-up or on the site because clicking on anything on the page or pop-up will trigger a virus download. If that won’t work, bring up your task manager (hold Control + Alt + Delete on a PC and Command + Option + Esc to “Force Quit” on a Mac) and close the web browser or application where it appeared. Next, notify your IT department (us!) that this has happened so we can double-check with a legitimate scan if your computer was infected.

Type Hands-Free

Got a microphone? Click Dictate and watch Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, or OneNote for Windows 10 type while you talk.

Watch Out For Extortion Emails

Another very convincing “validate your information Netflix scam” is spreading. Click the link above if you have received an email claiming that Netflix failed to validate your payment information.

Crooks use leaked passwords in an adult content extortion scam. The scam uses real usernames and passwords from previous security breaches to make it appear legitimate that they have footage of you watching adult content. Those that use a password manager, use different passwords for each website, and change passwords regularly will have nothing to be concerned about. However, if they’re still actively using that password, they should change it on any website they have used it on.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

To quickly find a name in your Outlook address book, start by typing portions of the name or alias and pressingĀ Ctrl + K.

For example, simply type “jo sm” for John Smith and then pressĀ Ctrl + K to automatically complete the name. This is helpful if you have a large address book or if you don’t know how to spell the name.

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