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IT Security Tip #10: Remove That Unwanted Freeware

Like it or not, PC manufacturers LOVE to stuff your brand-new PC full of “free” applications (they get paid to do it, so you’ve got a slim chance of getting one without a side of spamware). But clutter is the enemy of a speedy PC, and if you’re not using a particular software on a regular basis, it’s best to REMOVE it completely. That way you don’t have it sucking up processing speed AND leaving the door open to hackers and malware.

Word: Stop Waiting Your Turn – Edit Together

Get faster results and improve collaboration by working with your colleagues in the same document at the same time. Exchange ideas, chat and comment with your colleagues right inside the document.

To make collaboration features available, save your document in OneDrive. Then click Share, and send the document link to your colleagues. When they start working in the doc, you’ll see their edits in real time.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

You can move around a browser by pressing and holding the Alt key along with the left (go back a page) or right (move forward) arrow keys.

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