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IT Security Tip #12: The DANGERS of Dropbox and other file sync apps

If you’re using Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or other consumer-grade file sync and sharing cloud applications, listen up! These applications pose a huge threat to your company because company data can be spread far and wide without central oversight of what information is being shared with whom. Further, over 7 MILLION Dropbox accounts have been hacked, giving cybercriminals a path into the company’s network.

This is even MORE important if your company has access to and/or stores financial, medical or other sensitive data. Using file-sharing applications like these are a clear and direct violation of data breach and compliance laws. Bottom line, DON’T USE THEM FOR COMPANY DATA and use only company-approved, business-grade file-sharing applications.

Word: Formatting Made Easy with Styles

Styles like Heading 1 let you reformat on the fly, navigate long documents, and instantly get an updatable table of contents.

For each of the main headings in your document, click anywhere in the paragraph (don’t select anything). Then go to the Home tab and select Heading 1.

Now you can apply themes, make a table of contents, and use the Navigation Pane to jump to different parts of your document.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

When you start your computer, you have instant access to your desktop. However, when you start opening files and/or programs, your desktop gets hidden.

By pressing the Windows key and D together, you can make the desktop re-appear. Press the same keys again to restore the hidden windows.

Or try and press Windows key + M to minimize all open programs. Press the same keys again to maximize your windows again.

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