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IT Security Tip #19: WARNING if You Handle, Process or Store Client Credit Cards

If you handle, process or store credit cards in any manner, you are required to comply with PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is a set of LEGAL requirements you must abide by to maintain a secure environment. If you violate them, you will incur serious fines and fees.

Are you subject to them if you take credit card payments over the phone? Absolutely! If you have clients that pay you direct by credit card, you’re subject to these laws. However, there are various levels of security standards – but thinking you don’t process enough to matter or that “no one would want to hack us” is dangerous. All it takes is an employee writing down a credit card number in an e-mail or on a piece of paper to violate a law; and then you’ll be left with legal fees, fines and the reputational damage incurred when you have to contact your clients to let them know you weren’t properly storing or handling their credit cards.

Getting compliant – or finding out if you ARE compliant – isn’t a simple matter I can outline in a 1-2-3-step checklist. It requires an assessment of your specific environment and how you handle credit card information.

A great resource is the PCI Security Standards Council, or www.pcisecuritystandards.org. If you want assistance in figuring out if you’re complaint, call us for a free assessment. 

Listen to Your Document for Better Comprehension

Word can read your document out loud like an audio book and highlight each word simultaneously as it’s being read. Read Aloud can help you learn a new language and, along with other Learning Tools, helps improve reading skills for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

  1. With your document open in Word, click Review > Read Aloud. Or, press Alt+Ctrl+Space on your keyboard.
  2. Click Play/Pause to start and stop the narration. Select Settings Click Settings to change the reading speed  to change the reading speed.

Word Count Window

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

Quickly increase and decrease the size of the text or fonts on a web page by holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard and scrolling up or down with the wheel on a wheel mouse.

The Computer Center’s Weekly Webinar Series

Take advantage of The Computer Center’s webinar series that helps you learn how to protect your small business and your employees without leaving your office!

  • May 9 – Layers of Security: Protecting Your Small Business from Hackers and Identity Thieves Without Breaking the Bank
  • May 16 – What You Need to Know About Microsoft Office 365 Security
  • May 23 – The End of Windows 7: Is it Really an Issue for Your Business?
  • May 30 Practical Cyber Security for Your Small Business or How to Keep the Bad Guys Out Without Breaking the Bank
  • June 6 – Free Productivity Enhancing Tools Included with Office 365 That You Probably Aren’t Using in Your Business
  • June 13 – Protecting Your Business and Employees from ID Theft and Phishing Scams
  • June 20 – The End of Windows 7: Is it Really an Issue for Your Business?

And then at the end of June, please join us for an in-person Seminar

  • June 27 – Cyber Security Seminar

Follow the link to register for more information.

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