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IT Security Tip #27: Start With the Basics!

You’ve heard the advice countless times before: you must have antivirus software and a strong firewall. However, in this day and age, there is more to the security “basics” than a solid firewall. What about the employee who inadvertently clicks on an e-mail on her phone from a foreign ambassador trying to move money to the US. She sees it’s a scam, but it’s too late…her phone is infected and now sending a copy of every outgoing e-mail to a Russian crime network. Have you trained your employees? Don’t open an Excel attachment called “Invoice” from someone you don’t know – trust me, they’ll call you if you owe them money. A single crack in your armor can open the door for network attacks. Get serious about locking down your devices, e-mail filtering and teaching your users how to not lose last year’s P&L to a crime ring by trying to help a Nigerian prince. 

Excel: To Pivot or Not to Pivot

YLet’s say you get a report that has data, but you can’t create a PivotTable because it’s already pivoted. Unpivot it!

  1. Select your data, click Data > From Table/Range > OK to create a table.
  2. When Query Editor opens, hold down the CTRL key to select the columns that you want to unpivot.
  3. Go to Transform > Unpivot Columns > Only selected columns.
  4. Go to Home > Close & Load to place the unpivoted data in a new sheet in Excel.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

Many new computer mice also have buttons on the side of the mouse. These buttons can be programmed to do anything. However, by default, the left-thumb button can be used to go back on a web page. Using the thumb button makes browsing the Internet more efficient, because you do not need to move the mouse cursor to the browser’s back arrow button to go back a page.

Jason’s Tech Corner

A little tidbit by Jason Risner of The Computer Center – Why Good Backups are Important:

South Florida city pays $600,000 ransom to save computer records The Riviera Beach City Council voted unanimously this week to pay the hackers’ demands, believing the Palm Beach suburb had no choice if it wanted to retrieve its records, which the hackers encrypted. The council already voted to spend almost $1 million on new computers and hardware after hackers captured the city’s system three weeks ago.

Numerous governments and businesses have been hit in the United States and worldwide in recent years. Baltimore refused to pay hackers $76,000 after an attack last month. The U.S. government indicted two Iranians last year for allegedly unleashing more than 200 ransomware attacks, including against the cities of Atlanta and Newark, New Jersey. The men, who have not been arrested, received more than $6 million in payments and caused $30 million in damage to computer systems, federal prosecutors have said. Click the link to read more By TERRY SPENCER, Associated Press.

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