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IT Security Tip #30: Start With a Fresh Session or Browser Window

You’d like to access the company website or a site for one of your vendors from work. When you click on your favorite browser, it opens to your homepage: msn.com, yahoo.com, espn.com… You get the point. You then select the bookmark for the desired website and go. BIG problem! Most websites these days have tracking cookies, microdots and other advertising and data-collection bots that sit on them. These little spies are now following you across your browser session. Be careful with your information. Web portal sites like I listed are filled with ads, and the site’s overhead is paid for with information they get from you.


  1. Consider changing your homepage to something like startpage.com. They don’t spy.
  2. Always open a new browser tab when navigating to a new website. Close the last one to keep things tidy after the new one loads.
  3. Consider using add-ons in your browser to cut down on ads and spies. Not sure how? Ask us.

Excel: Chart Your Data – It’s as Easy as ALT + F1

Select any cell in your data range and press ALT + F1. Voila! You now have a chart.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

Quickly rename multiple files by first, opening File Explorer and selecting the files you would like to rename. Then press F2 and type the name you would like the new group to be such as typing “shortcut” will rename the files “shortcut1”, “shortcut2”, “shortcut3”, etc.

Renaming files individually is similar, start with highlighting one file then hit F2, after renaming that one file, you can tab to the next and duplicate using the F2 key.

Jason’s Tech Corner

Submitted by Jason Risner – Solutions Engineer, The Computer Center

WIRED recently posted an article of best practices to prune your digital life of “zombie” apps and online accounts you never use anymore. This is a good thing to do on a regular basis to help protect yourself from identity theft. Identity thieves can use the information in your “zombie” accounts to break into accounts for services you care about, like your bank or your e-mail provider. 

This is also an excellent time to update the passwords of accounts you actively use. With a password manager like LastPass, you can easily set up different passwords for every account you have, as well as store the fake answers you used for their challenge questions. (You didn’t tell Yahoo your mother’s ACTUAL maiden name or where you ACTUALLY graduated high school, did you?)

WIRED: How to Clear Out Your Zombie Apps and Online Accounts https://www.wired.com/story/delete-old-apps-accounts-online

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  • Thursday, August 22 – Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Network to The Cloud
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