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IT Security Tip #31: Lie, Lie, Lie!

Social engineering is big business. What is it? Figuring out who you are and then using that information to make money off of it. People list password challenge and identity verification publicly or at least freely on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and feeds without giving it a second thought. Maiden name? Check. Favorite pet? Check. High school? Check. Town they grew up in? Check. Favorite or first car? Check. Throwback Thursday is a social engineer’s dream! They love this stuff. Combat it by always giving false password and identity challenge and verification information to the sites and services that require it. Keep the answer file off-line or at least in a format that’s not easily guessed. Remember, if it’s a handwritten list, you can still take a photo of it.

Excel: Choosy Analysts Use IFS

When you need a formula that does a bunch of “if this, then that” calculations, use IFS. IFS evaluates multiple conditions so nested formulas aren’t required. In this example, the IFS function looks at a cell in the Score column, and depending on the value of the score, shows a grade letter.

IFS is available in the latest version of Excel for Office 365.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

Keep a log using Microsoft Notepad by opening a new text file in Microsoft Notepad or an existing text file in Notepad and adding “.LOG” (without the quotes) at the beginning of the file. Now each time the file is opened in Notepad a time and date stamp will be automatically added.

Equifax Data Breach

Submitted by Kelly Woods – Director of Operations, The Computer Center

In September of 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 147 million people. Under a settlement filed, Equifax agreed to spend up to $425 million to help people affected by the data breach. Here are the benefits available to you. Instructions on how to file can be found here.

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  • Thursday, August 15 – 10 Costly Mistakes Small Businesses Make with their Computer Systems – and How YOU Can Avoid Them
  • Thursday, August 22 – Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Network to The Cloud
  • Thursday, August 29 – Free Productivity Enhancing Tools Included with Office 365 That You Probably Aren’t Using in Your Business

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