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IT Security Tip #15: Set up Bank Alerts – NOW!

Here’s a tip that just might save your bacon: set up withdrawal alerts on your bank accounts. Many banks will send you an e-mail alert whenever money is withdrawn from your account via check, debit card or transfer. Setting up those alerts will allow you to spot and report fraudulent activity BEFORE the money has already been siphoned into a cybercriminal’s hands.

Office Tips & Tricks: Word Chat While You Edit

Collaborate with co-authors without leaving Word. Save your document to the cloud to get started. Available in Excel and PowerPoint too.

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

The Problem Steps Recorder is a feature that allows a user to walk someone else through a problem they can’t describe with words. The user can record all of the keystrokes and windows the user is seeing that led up to the error or problem.

  1. Click Start or press the Windows Key
  2. Type Problems Steps Recorder or PSR
  3. Click on the program and then go to the first step or first page you are having a problem with
  4. Click Start Record on Problems Steps Recorder to begin capturing your process or flow to get to the error message
  5. Press Stop Record once you’ve gotten your error message
  6. Click Save to name the recording and now you have a visual you can send to someone else to help you remotely troubleshoot your issue

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