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IT Security Tip:
Use a Password to Keep Your
Excel Spreadsheet Safe and Private

We all have sensitive data that we don’t want others to see. One of the best ways to keep your information private is through a password. Watch this video and learn how you can use passwords in Excel to protect your spreadsheets! Click this link to learn more!

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Microsoft Tips for Windows

Keep Tabs On Your Website Tabs

When you’re on a frequently-used website and have a lot of tabs open, pin that site to your taskbar. Then, just hover over the pin to see a preview of all the open tabs.

To pin website to the taskbar, in Microsoft Edge, go to Settings and more > More tools > Pin to taskbar.

TCC Tuesday Tidbits Issue 457

Keyboard Keys

Shortcut of the Week

Add Shortcuts To The Desktop With Drag And Drop

Create shortcuts by selecting icon you wish to shortcut, click-and-hold the right mouse button, and drag that file to the desktop (or any folder you would like the shortcut in). When you release the mouse button, you have an option to create a shortcut here.

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