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Here are 15 Reasons Why to Outsource Your Computer Support to us

Why outsource your computer support to us? Here are 15 reasons:

1. We Don’t “Set it and Forget it”

Our staff, real humans in our office, monitor your systems. We don’t install a piece of software and rely on it to do everything right (which rarely happens).

2. We Have a Dedicated Help Desk

We don’t outsource this either (like many IT companies do). Our staff is here, ready to resolve your issue.

3. We Demand Only Quality Hardware and Solutions

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is one that we live by. We take your network, your security, and your uptime very seriously and only sell quality hardware backed by quality vendors (and us, of course) such as HP, Adtran, Microsoft, and others. We’ve proven, over and over again, that even in a small business environment, putting in quality equipment today reduces downtime, and repair costs later.

4. Our Deep-Dive Business and Technology Assessment

Before we take on a new client, we insist that we learn everything about your business. Anyone can walk in and quote hardware and software, but our process makes sure we align our solution with your business goals and processes. If we understand your business, we can make your business run smoother and recommend the right solutions.

5. Our “Network Stabilization” Process

Fires and emergencies are expensive. If that’s all your IT company does, run around and put out fires, not only do problems never get fully resolved, but you get dinged with unexpected and fluctuating IT costs. We’ve developed a process to stabilize your network once and for all, and then keep it running smoothly with regular maintenance and attention.

6. The Big Picture

So many IT consultants are only interested (or capable) of selling you a computer and some software or other hardware. However, especially in this “everything connected” world, things aren’t as simple as they used to be. We step back and look at your business and network from the bigger picture and are able to recommend solutions that won’t break one thing, just to fix another symptom.

7. Truly Flat Fee

Our Comprehensive Care plan is truly a flat-fee. Unlike our competitors, our solution doesn’t have hidden fees, extras and surprise charges. When we say “it’s all covered” we mean it! Hardware, software, service, support, it’s all covered.

8. We Own the Problem

In our industry, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, everyone wants to point a finger. “It’s the hardware. It’s the software.” Well, our Comprehensive Care clients enjoy a single point of contact for all things IT related. Internet, copier, phones, signage, we are on the hook for it all, and are held responsible for seeing the issue through to resolution, even if it’s with other vendors.

9. We are About Business, Not Just IT

In order for us to have a strong relationship with our clients, we get involved with them and their businesses. When we discuss business strategies, growth, and overall goals, together we can work in harmony to make sure your technology gets you there faster, and more efficiently and cost effectively.

10. We are a Team, Not Just “a Guy”

Our staff has a variety of specialties and experiences which gives us a better ability to solve a wider variety of problems. Not only does this mean that we have more people on staff that can help you out when you need it fast, but allows us to work with more than one client, even in an emergency, something the one and two-man firms cannot do.

11. Fixed Right the First Time

We pride ourselves on getting things done right the first time. We start by understanding what really needs to be done, and then making sure we accomplish that. And, when problems do occur, our 100% satisfaction guarantee, makes sure that you don’t pay for anything you shouldn’t.

12. Stability

We’ve been in business since 1983. We aren’t going anywhere. We’ve proven we can weather recessions, changes in our industry and more. We are a partner that you can rely on now, and for the future.

13. Solutions Tailored to You

Although we, like all IT companies have “our way” of doing things, we realized that not all customers are the same and a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t always work. That’s why we implemented our deep-dive Business and Technology Assessment process. Our BTA takes an in-depth look at you and your business before we even present a solution to you. And, when we do, it’s customized specifically for you.

14. Layers of Security

Your data, especially in this age of identity theft and hackers, is one of your most valuable business assets. That’s why we preach, even for small clients, installing several layers of protection against these threats. We have identified 6 distinct ways that thieves get into networks and implement them all with our Comprehensive Care clients.

15. Documentation

We pride ourselves on completely documenting our client’s networks and, based on comments from employees and customers (and even a couple of my competitors), we have some of the best in the industry. Not only do we use this documentation to bring our engineering team up to speed quickly about your network, but it reduces troubleshooting and downtime.